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Micro-Suction Synthetic Papers – STICKS WITHOUT GLUE

Large self-adhesive stickers are not easy to apply. Bubbles and wrinkles might appear, the surface might get damaged after taking them off or it may need tough cleaning etc. … Micro suction stickers can be perfect solution when you want to avoid the hardships of self-adhesive materials.

If you need to adhere something to a surface without using a sticky adhesive, we have a solution – micro-suction synthetic papers. They bond to smooth, flat, clean surfaces just like a suction cup. Their surface has thousands of microscopic craters that work by creating many partial vacuums between the sticker and the surface.

Micro-suction structure stickers are not pressure sensitive, can rebind repeatedly, and leave no residue on the target surface. They stick without glue to smooth surfaces such as glass, plastic, or painted wood. To remove, you simply pull off or twist to break the bond. Wiping the surface with wet tissue will remove debris from the craters and rejuvenate its suction properties.

Micro suction synthetic papers are neither natural paper nor plastic film. Instead, they combine and surpass the benefits of both. Produced on the basis of polypropylene, they have unique characteristics and superior functionality.

Micro suction synthetic papers have a gentle, matt lustre; their touch is soft and smooth. They deliver excellent printing results with outstanding contrasts and the most brilliant colours, offering the perfect foundation for new, creative possibilities.

Micro suction technology paper features:

  • Bubble free.
  • Durable, flexible, tear proof
  • Super-smooth
  • Chemical and stain-resistant
  • Dimensionally stable
  • UV-light-resistant
  • Heat-resistant from -80°C to +70°C
  • Special handling or application is not required.
  • Easy to stick on and easy to remove.
  • Not using glue, so there is no sticky feeling and does not leave any glue on the surface due to the micro suction structure.
  • The backside can be washed with water when the adhesion is weaken by dust, and it can be used countless times.

Micro-suction papers are also environmentally friendly:

  • Are 100% tree free, and so they preserve forests, water and natural resources.
  • Are made using eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Require relatively little water, energy and chemicals to manufacture.
  • Are not biodegradable, but they are 100% recyclable Proper disposal generates no sulphur, no chlorine, no nitrogen and no dioxin.
  • Are free of poisons and heavy metals and contain no plasticizers.

Micro-suction paper can be perfect for these applications:

• Stickers
• promotional items
• floor banners in supermarkets
• pop instructions
• Seasonal decorations
• kids games
• advertisements in vending machines

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