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When you need a more durable material for your labels, choose PVC (vinyl). It can be used indoors or outdoors and is somewhat flexible, which enables it to conform to surfaces that are not totally flat. PVC is weather, water and UV resistant. Even if permanent clear adhesive holds strong, PVC stickers can be removed residue-free if required. You can truly customize your stickers however you like, including shape, size, style, design, font, colors, text, slogan, and your own custom graphics and artwork including a full-color photograph and your logo, emblem or any other image that defines your organization or brand. PVC is great for: wall, window and floor stickers, product and packaging labels, bottle labels, bumper stickers, signs, hang tags and equipment labels.
Polypropylene (PP, OPP, BOPP) films are commonly used for labeling, especially on such products as cosmetics, oils and lotions. The attraction lies in PP films’ durability, flexibility and resistance properties. PP is extremely chemically resistant and almost completely impervious to water. PP films are particularly suited for applications where resistance to water, oil, and most household detergents is important. PP films can be white or clear, which offers the aesthetic appeal of a “no-label-look” on any product. Polypropylene is an excellent material for labels due to its flexibility and non-shrink quality. Polypropylene films are commonly used for: food, health and beauty labels, other product and packaging labels, bottle labels, garment hang tags, barcode labels, industrial labels.
Removable and repositionable stickers and labels are printed on micro-suction synthetic paper, which sticks to flat surfaces without adhesive. Because of their micro suction structure, these stickers leave no sticky feeling on the application surface. Repositionable stickers are also reusable: the micro-suction side can be cleaned with water if the adhesion is wakened by dust. Micro-suction stickers are easy to handle, no expert needed – easy to apply, easy to remove, no glue remains, reusable and environmentally friendly. Micro-suction stickers can be applied to smooth surfaces: glass, plexiglass, metal, stainless steel and most plastics. They are ideal for temporary or seasonal advertising, promotional items and kids games. Micro-suction material is also great for: wall and window stickers, game console skins, save-the-date cards.
High quality domed stickers and labels create three-dimensional look. They can be used indoors and outdoors to market electronics, auto equipment, appliances etc. Domed decals are more affordable and more versatile than metal plates or custom screen-printing.Production process begins with our digital label print and cut systems providing high-resolution color and vibrancy. Then, doming polyurethane is applied and allowed to cure.We use Eco-friendly polyurethane that is free of lead, solvents and harmful phthalates. It is clear, non-yellowing, UV resistant and flexible.Domed stickers can be used indoors and outdoors on electronics, appliances, cars, clothing, gifts and other items.
Paper labels currently account for approx. 70% of self-adhesive labels. Paperis the most affordable material. It can be used in a very wide range of applications, but is not suitable for outdoors due to its poor water resistance and durability. Gloss paper is the most common sticker type material with shiny surface and a clean finish. Matt paper gives a non-glossy surface in a natural finish for stickers and labels.
Custom magnets are an excellent way to market business because they can be placed on so many surfaces – on refrigerators, on cars, on filing cabinets, even on public property (with permission). Save-the-date magnets serve as reminders about the upcoming weddings, graduation, anniversary, birthday parties, business events. Magnets can be incredibly powerful marketing tools due to their longevity, diversity and economical pricing. They are repositionable, removable and reusable. Lipne offers high-quality refrigerator, car, business card magnetic stickers. You can choose magnet sizes, shapes and specifications according to your needs
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